IoT and Edge Computer Seminar

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a growing field of research as humans and equipment are connected and embedded with smart technology. Considering the recent challenges in the area of smart-cities, networks, factories, buildings, home and campus, this year, the fish2fork Winter School in collaboration with IEEE Portugal offers the possibility to explore the IoT in the context of smart cities and edge computing, bringing together a multidisciplinary team and taking advantage of the existing conditions in the IoT laboratory from ISCTE.

Sensing Art

We have one more workshop for you! Come attend the IEEE IMS Workshop, Sensing Art, that will take place on May 26, from 4 pm to 6 pm, in room B203, Building 2 of Iscte-IUL. This workshop will bring together researchers from different scientific areas to explore the bridge between classical knowledge, technology, and art. The workshop is opened to researchers and MSc and Ph.D. students of all scientific areas, mainly those familiar with technological fields or social sciences.

Workshop Laravel

Come and learn all the advantages of working with Laravel, a php framework widely used for web development and the technology behind the FISTA website. And who better to teach us how to work with it than the FISTA '21 Head of IT himself, David Gabriel! A student of the Computer Science and Business Administration degree, he will explain everything you need to know about this framework and the brilliant things you can do with it. From student to student, you will be able to get your hands dirty and enrich your knowledge with a very practical works.